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February 2016

February is a fun, colourful month, as it's carnival season! Mardi Gras brings spectacular costumes and high spirits. Be swept off your feet by the most famous of them all, the Rio Carnival, running from 9 to 13 February. You can feel the rhythm of samba in the company of the best dancers in Brazil.
If you are in Sydney or Melbourne on February 14 you will have the chance to experience something original  - a race in your underwear. On Valentine's Day, the Cupid's Undie Run is a chance for couples and singles to strip down to their underwear and run in a race, raising funds for the fight against cancer.
And finally, for a dose of culture we'll be heading to Munich, where until mid-February a major exhibition pays tribute to one of the greatest designers of the twentieth century, Jean-Paul Gaultier.  The team

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